Daphne Guinness: 'I'll Eat When I'm Dead' & Other Bon Mots From The New Yorker

We finally got around to reading the Daphne Guinness piece in this week's New Yorker (we had been previously occupied with the Jean Paul Gaultier profile) and we found a few gems.

For Daphne Guinness lovers, which we might just be, it takes a lot to shock. Between the crazy clothes, the getting dressed in store windows, the dating a married French philosopher and wearing McQueen's famous 10-inch armadillo shoes, there's not much Daphne can do or say that would surprise us.

But this line from the New Yorker made us smile:

Teresa Alfonso, Guinness's personal assistant, tried to get her to eat some of the pasta that had been prepared for the production team. "If I eat, I can't work," Guinness, who had been subsisting on Red Bull and Ensure, said. "I'll eat when I'm dead."

But of course. Why waste time doing something so mundane, so banal, so unartistic as putting food in one's mouth?

We admire Daphne's devotion to her persona (as she's said before, "It is a mindset.") Along the same lines as starvation, Daphne is willing to endure any physical discomfort for fashion and art's sake. When a stylist apologizes for any discomfort while placing a heavy collar on Guinness' neck, the heiress says simply, "Are you kidding?"

"Uncomfortable is the name of the game."

Maybe Daphne's game. We rather like food and comfy things like sweatpants.