2 Olympic Swimmers Everyone Will Be Watching At The Games

One's male, one's female -- and both are total powerhouses.

Dara Torres is going to Rio ― as a spectator, though, not a competitor. The former swimmer has been in her fair share of Olympics (five) and taken home a dozen medals herself, but this year, Torres will be cheering from the sidelines rather than racing through the pool.

As Torres tells “Oprah: Where Are They Now?”, when she’s in Rio, she’ll have her eye on two particular swimmers from Team USA. They’re among the biggest names in swimming, she says, and it’s easy to see why they’ve earned their reputations. 

Katie Ledecky

This will be Katie Ledecky’s second Olympics; at her first, she took home gold at age 15, shocking the world with her speed and might. This year, however, Ledecky is certainly not underestimated.

“She’s just off-the-charts ahead of everyone else,” Torres says. “She can probably race against some of the men that are swimming out there.”

In meets since her first Olympics, Ledecky has continued to dominate the sport, setting world records left and right.

“She’s just so fast, so good, so focused and a real inspiration to female swimmers out there,” Torres says.

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelp may have made Olympic history with his whopping eight medals in 2008, but don’t make the mistake of thinking his time to shine is anywhere near over, Torres says.

In Rio, she expects Phelps to really perform ― a belief only made stronger when she ran into him last summer and saw his determination firsthand.

“He’s very focused, has his head on straight,” Torres says.

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