Why Actress Darby Stanchfield Refuses To Hug 'Scandal' Co-Star Scott Foley

Actress Darby Stanchfield may be the only woman in the world to ever turn down a hug from Scott Foley.

After Foley revealed Stanchfield’s staunch stance on hugs in a HuffPost Live interview last month, Stanchfield stopped by the studio to set the record straight.

As a new cast member on season two of the hit ABC show, Foley was a little too reserved for Stanchfield. While the rest of the actors behaved like rowdy “14-year-olds at summer camp” during each table read, Foley kept his cool.

“We’re all like pounding on the tables and high-fiving each other and hugging each other and laughing and crying through the table reads and such,” she said. “And he had this energy, and Portia de Rossi [who guest stars this season] went through it too, of like, ‘Okay, they seem cool, but is this real?’”

After picking up on Foley’s calm demeanor, Stanchfield opted for a handshake on their first meeting, and the formal greeting just stuck.

“I shook his hand for the first time I met him, and it just kind of felt like this joke -- like this natural thing of, like, we’re on handshake terms,” she said. “It felt like a thing of respect at the beginning, then it just became this joke of, like, ‘Dude, I don't hug you.’”

Watch the full HuffPost Live interview with actress Darby Stanchfield here.

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