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Darcy The Hedgehog's Instagram Photos Will Make You Squeal With Delight (PHOTOS)

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to squee.

There's absolutely no other way to respond to the cuteness that is Darcy the hedgehog.

Darcy's owner, Shota Tsukamoto of Tokyo, has been photographing the now 3-year-old hedgehog and uploading her photos to Instagram since as far back as May 2011. The @darcytheflyinghedgehog Instagram account currently has more 358,000 followers.

The photos feature Darcy alongside a variety of objects that accentuate her tiny stature and adorableness. It also includes numerous shots of the hedgehog resting calmly in the palm of Tsukamoto's hand. “Hedgehogs are usually very cautious animals, but that is not the case with Darcy,” he said in a recent interview for the Instagram Blog.

Tsukamoto admits to being inspired by children's books, and some of the scenes invoke a sense of wonder -- and even include some other miniature characters.

"I want to make Darcy the most famous hedgehog in the world," Tsukamoto told the Instagram Blog. With a smile like hers, we have no doubt she will be.

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