Dare to be powerful; transforming business, people and society

By: Leesa Muirhead


Popular culture would have us believe that some people are born leaders - charismatic, powerful, decisive.

The truth is, anyone can become a leader with the right amount of authenticity, and an appreciation of the benefits of failure.

Our world needs leaders; those with a strong kind of mindset and a clear purpose that drives ambition and inspires positive change.

Business undoubtedly has a role to play in contributing to positive change and a sustainable future.

Indeed, business has an immense capacity to connect and use its influence - in their community of employees, customers, supply chains, environment, local communities etc, as well as for humanity.

But some organisations or people catch the 'indifference bug'. They may lack true passion or become (consciously or unconsciously) reluctant to invest in themselves, a job, venture or pursuit. This may be fine for a time, however in business, chronic indifference is an insidious risk and threat to future success.

Certainly a business' purpose has to be maintaining viability. In our ever-connected and fast paced world however, business does not exist in isolation, and it is not impervious to the challenges we face in our world.

At our essence, we are most motivated by knowing why we do things.

As purpose is embedded, it deeply influences a new way of business 'as usual'. The transformation - both tangible and intangible - is unquestionably provoking, stimulating and energising. It is also profitable and progressive.

As constraints become ever prevalent, the key question is whether you want to be proactive or reactive to changes?

Do you need to change because of external pressures (such as legislation and policy) or do you choose to harness and leverage approaches that benefit people, planet and profit?

Delving into systems thinking and responsible approaches that create a better business, also means we better connect in our sphere of influence: to engage, to inspire, to contribute to a thriving society of individuals, and of course, to sell.

Beyond definitions, measurement and expectations, inevitably, change happens within yourself, and in the inter-connected network of people and the world around you.

Is it any wonder we view inspiring organisations and people who are actively contributing to a better world, as modern day magic-makers?

So how can we apply this same spirit to business, to ourselves, to our life and to our collective impact on our planet?

We (Adessy Associates) thrive on equipping Catalysts by tailoring a programme of initiatives to support the transition of change to enable an enduring and successful future.

It begins with finding or refining your business' voice and collaborating, challenging and inspiring the business to define and articulate values, purpose and shared value.

Igniting conversations that explore and ultimately define the why, brings a new dimension to the DNA of the business, and culminates in a compelling vision that brings together diverse experiences, perspectives and a collective buy-in.

This clarity determines a purpose beyond making a profit, and offers the opportunity to be a transformational force for good...and a committed and powerful one at that.

The outcome? A business that is equipped, connected and conscious of retaining top talent, engaging with customers, effecting innovation, and proactively managing inherent risks. This enables them to actively contribute to solutions that build a better business and a better world. And penultimately, this enhances their competitiveness.

The significance of reflecting and exploring the whole - business, people, dialogue and thinking - develops opportunities and shifts perspectives entirely.

When you know your 'why' and engage and communicate around it clearly, then your 'what' has more impact.

The energy is contagious and the 'indifference bug' transitions to a movement of more people, doing the right things, for the right reasons.

Being part of successful magic in the making initiatives, also inspires us to strive to become engineers and cultivators of our own personal contribution to positive change.

This is Adessy's thinking around the kind of individual and collective leadership needed for our future. From awareness and purpose, leaders are born and in this spirit, positive change becomes possible.

Pioneers for Change is a seed-bed for innovative thought. An activator of personal potential. A catalyst for collective energy. A community to drive social change.

Our annual, international Fellowship is open to anyone aged 28 - 108 years old. We gather change-makers -- a business person, a community person, an investor, a thinker or doer -- who are willing to harness their talents, energy and resources as a force for good. Pioneers for Change is an initiative of Adessy Associates.

Adessy Associates believes a better world is possible, and inspires and equips organisations and individuals to make positive change happen and contribute to a sustainable future. We focus on benefit for people, planet and profit and our bespoke services harness sustainability, innovation, consciousness and purpose. We are proudly B Corp certified.

About Leesa Muirhead
Leesa is a collaborator, visionary, gentle disruptor and entrepreneur who brings almost 20 years experience to catalysing positive change. A strategic thinker, Leesa is motivated by a deep belief of empowering people as a path to social and economic equity.

Leesa founded B Corp certified Adessy Associates in 2011 to inspire and enable organisations and individuals to build a better world and a sustainable future. Adessy incubated Pioneers for Change, a UK-based social enterprise, which provides a Fellowship for those willing to harness their talents, energy and resources as a force for good.

Leesa is a Fellow of the RSA, a certified Coach, a qualified partnership broker and Mentor with the Cherie Blair Foundation of Women.