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Dark Chocolate Ritz Bars: 3 Ingredient Dessert Hero!

Let's talk about the very adult-like thing I did to some Ritz crackers, shall we?
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Dark chocolate Ritz bars? You're going to make them repeatedly, so you may as well get started. It's not long til you're in dessert nirvana!


I mean, not TODAY, the day you’re reading this, but TODAY, the day I’m writing this.

My birthday will have been long gone by the time you actually read this, because I’m very organized and adult-like and I write my blog posts a couple of weeks in advance of sharing them with you. Usually. Sometimes. If there isn’t anything good on TV.

So, like I was saying, today is my birthday and here I am. Working. Not that I mind writing about food or anything. I mean, this is my dream job.


It’s just that when I was a kid and my parents would force me to go to school on my birthday every year, I’d be all, “but Mom, it’s the most special day of the year and I should get to enjoy it!”

It never worked and I was always in school on my birthday. Unless I faked a headache or laryngitis, which I did on the regular.

I promised myself that I would grow up and be awesome enough to not work on my birthday. I would spend the day having fun, probably at the local playground or playing with Barbies or watching cartoons. Also eating cake, like maybe this chocolate peanut butter buckeye cake.


Now I’d totally rather work than do any of those awful things, so here I am. Breaking all my promises to myself. It’s just that you lovely people are so much better than Barbie dolls, the local playground is outside and ew nature, and I have overdosed on cartoons thanks to the children living in my home. Still down for cake, though!

So, all that to say, I am now officially an adult. It only took me 33 years to get here!


Let’s talk about the very adult-like thing I did to some Ritz crackers, shall we? I ground them up in my food processor and then I stirred the crumbs into some sweetened condensed milk. If you like sweet and salty, I think you’ll like this. The crackers aren’t overly salty, but they help cut the richness of the milk. I also mixed in dark chocolate chips and melted more on top. It seemed like the right thing to do. Feel free to swap in milk or semi-sweet chocolate, if that’s more your speed! I'm going to go on record as saying this dark chocolate Ritz bars recipe is ridiculous.

I’m kind of addicted to sweetened condensed milk. Try it in these s’moreo 7 layer bars or these chocolate peanut butter pretzel bars!

Get the Dark Chocolate Ritz Bars recipe on Food Fanatic now!


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