Dark Berry Lips: Why This '90s Throwback Will Always Be Cool (PHOTOS, POLL)

Which '90s Lipstick Look Will Always Be Cool?

Personally, this is one look that will never get old. I loved it in the '90s, and I still love it today. Dark lips somehow float the line of being a nod to the past and totally current. (The look actually originated in the '20s, made popular by Clara Bow and the like.) The shade is sort of limitless in its versatility. It looks incredible on all skin tones. You can make it more saturated or sheer depending on how much impact you're going for. And you can pair it with dark eye makeup or keep everything else minimal. It says bold just as well as its red lipstick counterparts, yet feels a little more… daring, cool.

In its latest incarnation, we saw dark glossy lips on the fall runways at Gucci and YSL. And for a while there a blond Rihanna was seen running around in the lip color. Check out those looks plus our other favorite celebrities (of yesterday and today) in the berry hue. And keep clicking to see the lip products we're using to get the look.

How do you feel about this lip trend? Love? Hate?

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Meg Ryan, 1994

Dark Lips

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