Darmian, Schneiderlin and Schweinsteiger Sign, July Transfer Window Update

In less than a week, the pallor of United's transfer window has completely changed with the revealing and announcement of three new players signing. What seemed a mere beggar's lot with only Memphis Depay arriving at Old Trafford for the beginning of the transfer window has now become a king's share as United were able to deepen their rotation in midfield and finally fill the right back position.

On July 11th, United signed Matteo Darmian from Torino for 12.9 million pounds after both clubs agreed to the fee and Darmian completed his medical. News of his signing was followed by the almost simultaneous signatures of Bayern FC's Schweinsteiger and Southampton's Schneiderlin, two stalwarts in the central midfield. Bayern FC and United agreed to an affordable 15 million pound signing fee for the German captain, Bastian Schweinsteiger, who will fit nicely into the system at United, while also reconnecting with former Bayern manager, Louis Van Gaal. Morgan Schneiderlin signed from Southampton FC for a 24 million pound transfer fee, rejoining his former teammate Luke Shaw, who reportedly convinced the French international to make the move to Old Trafford over his other suitors, including Arsenal.

All three players join Memphis Depay, originally signed before the window even opened for 25 million pounds, who now has a stellar, well-rounded, experienced platoon of players entering the team with him as well. With only about 80 million pounds spent of their reported 150 - 200 million pound war chest, more moves are expected from the Red Devils during this transfer period. These plans include an offer for a centerback, most likely Nicolás Otamendi from Valencia or maybe even Sergio Ramos, although news of the defender's captaincy at Real Madrid may dampen his cause to transfer. The three new signings will join the United squad on their US tour soon.

In outgoing transfer news, United and Fenerbahce have completed the transfer of Robin Van Persie, who arrived in Istanbul to a warm welcome from his new club. The transfer fee is reported to be 4.7 million pounds for the Dutch frontman, who is reportedly unnerved by what seems a prompt discarding, after only spending one season under Louis Van Gaal. Van Persie considered Van Gaal a close friend and is quite upset at his transfer, which seemed awfully businesslike with little warmth or grace to his departure. The transfer arrived almost simultaneously with the beginning of the preseason tour in the United States; a tour the 31-year-old striker was surely looking forward too, probably hoping to regain his position in the team and return to the prolific form that saw United through as title winners. Just a year ago, the two Dutchmen were at the heights of their friendship with Van Persie named Van Gaal's captain of the Netherlands team and the prolific World Cup campaign that followed. Now, it will be interesting to see whether their relationship will ever be mended.

In other news, Rafael Da Silva, United's out of form right back, has reportedly requested a transfer to Portuguese side Benfica. The Brazilian has fallen in the depth chart at right back, after being displaced by Antonio Valencia last year, and falls even lower down the chart after the signing of Matteo Darmian. The defender's sale should help mitigate the outgoing funds spent so far. There are also rumours that PSG is circling its wagons around EPL record signing Ángel Di María, but it is doubtful that Van Gaal will dispense with the Argentine's services after a bright start and sputtering finish to his first season.

Whether any other players will be sold remains a mystery, but hopefully we can look forward to a month and half full of excitement and transfers that will truly better the United side. Stay tuned for more Manchester United transfer news next week or perhaps even this week if the rumors or transfers merit an update.

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