Darnell Canada Refuses to Wait for Obama to Create Jobs for New York City

Somehow in the middle of a recession, Darnell Canada, President of REBUILD, has been creating hundreds of jobs for those who are hardest to employ. Homeless, gang members, the formerly incarcerated, welfare recipients, and more are getting trained, certified, and finding employment in construction by the hundreds with no funding! I serve on the board of REBUILD, wanted to reveal the secret to the public through an interview. Perhaps President Obama should listen up if he wants to learn how those in this Brooklyn community are finding a way to employment out of no way for the "hard to employ" population of New York City!

Darnell Canada, who is formerly incarcerated himself, stated the following:

"I am an Obama supporter, but I realize that there is only but so much that as one man he can do. This economy will not turn around and unemployment will not fall until we realize that what we are asking Obama to do for us, we can do for ourselves. I have a felony on my record, but I have never let how the world sees me dictate how I see myself. I refuse to wait for my success or the success of my community...I will create it!"