Darnell Dockett: Shower Video 'Wrong,' 'Not Appropriate'

Darnell Dockett: Shower Video 'Wrong,' 'Not Appropriate'

Darnell Dockett raised a few eyebrows last week when he took a shower on UStream to win a $1,000 bet. The muscular Cardinals defensive lineman was covered only by a small washcloth in images first published at SportsByBrooks. But now the Pro-Bowler is singing a different tune.

"I apologize to my team, all the players. I walked by individually each player and apologized," he told the AP. He called the steamy stunt "not appropriate" and vowed never to bathe himself online again.

Dockett will remain an active Twitterer, however. "I'm still going to be me," he said, adding that the public shower is "not going to change what I do on Twitter. I'm just going to be much smarter and do things for my team for them to look at me as being accountable."

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