Darrel Lewis Hid Surveillance Cameras In Women's Bathrooms At Work, Church: Connecticut Cops

A man arrested last Thursday on suspicion of setting up cameras in the women's bathroom at his work allegedly admitted to pulling the same creepy voyeurism stunt at a local church.

Darrel Lewis, a process engineer at Peening Technologies in East Hartford, Conn., was charged after a woman reported finding a hidden camera in the bathroom, according to NBC Connecticut.

Arrest reports state that Lewis caught many victims on camera, including an 11-year-old girl, WTNH reports. Lewis later confessed to recording inside the women's bathroom at Family Church in Glastonbury as well.

"I thought I was dreaming. I didn’t know what to do," one of the victims at Peening Technologies told NBC Connecticut. "It’s just not anything that I was expecting. When I looked at it, it said it was recording for 25 minutes."

Police say Lewis has been recording women in bathrooms, editing the videos and keeping the files on his computer since 2009. He was charged with one count of voyeurism.

The New York Daily News reports a growing national trend in creepy recording cases. In New York, the number of unlawful surveillance arrests nearly doubled from 2010 to 2011. Manhattan accounts for almost 80 percent of the incidents.

Last August, a New Hampshire woman was horrified to find that an alleged child pornographer had been hiding under her trailer and recording her and her daughter for days. When found, the suspect reportedly said, "Hey, it's just me. Don't be scared."



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