Darrel Thompson Jumps Off Burris Ship

Acting Chief of Staff to Senator Roland Burris, Darrel Thompson, has resigned his position, according to senior staffers in the US Senate.

Darrel Thompson, a former Senior Adviser to Senator Harry Reid, had been dispatched by Senator Reid to assist incoming Senator Burris in helping to fill senior staff positions in the office, develop a legislative strategy for the Senator's policy priorities, and build out constituent services.

Darrel Thompson has just released this statement:

Three weeks ago I was temporarily detailed to serve as Chief of Staff to Senator Roland W. Burris. Though my tenure was relatively brief, I enjoyed and valued my time with Senator Burris, his entire staff and his other advisors.

As of today, my role as Interim Chief of Staff to Senator Burris will end. I will resume, in full, my duties as Senior Advisor to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

I wish Senator Burris and his family the best.


Darrel Thompson

More soon.

-- Steve Clemons