GOP Congressman Looks Down On Protesters From Roof, Becomes Instant Meme

"I can't stop seeing Darell Issa as Michael Scott."

A GOP congressman became an instant meme after taking to the roof of his district office to photograph protesters on the street below.

Social media users drew instant comparisons between Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) and Michael Scott, the bungling boss from “The Office,” following Tuesday’s bizarre incident at his office in Vista.

There were conflicting reports as to why Issa decided to go up on the roof in the first place. The lawmaker himself said he’d “spent the morning talking with constituents gathered outside the office” before going up “to take a quick pic.”

His opponents, however, alleged that he scurried up onto the roof because he was “too afraid” to speak with the protesters below.

Constituents have been holding weekly rallies to voice concerns over President Donald Trump’s immigration and health care policies, according to NBC San Diego. Here’s a sampling of the best responses so far:

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