Darrell Plews Reportedly Sets Fire To Ex-Wife's Belongings

Seems like hell has no fury like a husband scorned.

On Friday, the Yorkshire Evening Post reported on a British man who allegedly burned his ex-wife’s clothes, shoes and high-end handbags after learning she married her lover while they were still hitched.

Darrell Plews, 44, reportedly set the blaze after his then mother-in-law told him that her daughter had gone to Gambia to wed a man she met there while on vacation by herself in January, according to the paper.

Plews allegedly flew into a jealous rage over the news and burned her belongings in the backyard of the couple's former Wakefield, West Yorkshire home.

"He has done it out of revenge. He was trying his best to get things back on track," Plew's attorney Richard Canning said. "He lost his temper and did something very stupid for which he now has to pay the price."

A judge sentenced Plews to 12 months in prison and ordered him to pay his ex-wife £5,000 in compensation. A restraining order was also imposed, banning Plews from contacting his former spouse for two years.

The couple had been together for six years and have two children together.

Plews isn't the first man to torch his spouse's stuff after a split. In July, a Denver man faced one count of second-degree arson after allegedly setting fire to his ex-wife's wedding gown and wedding photos.

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