Darren Criss Recording New Music, No Solo Album Yet

Is 'Glee' Heartthrob Recording Solo Album?

Darren Criss may have been recording new music while in the UK last week, but he's not recording a solo album just yet, he told HuffPost Celebrity on Friday at LeakyCon, a convention celebrating all things "Harry Potter."

"I was doing music there, I mean theoretically I am always recording an album just like everyone is always making something," he told HuffPost when asked about Twitter rumors sparked by a San Diego Union-Tribune Tweet that revealed he was recording an album. "I happened to be working on music in London. So, sure? But not really."

Criss attended the convention as part of his Team Starkid production company, which put on the YouTube sensation A Very Potter Musical. The group performed selections from the musical for a sold-out crowd Saturday morning, including the below clip of "Not Alone," a song Criss also performs in solo sets and was featured on his first EP, "Human."

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