Darren Mattox Fined For Insulting Ex-Girlfriend On Facebook

In one of only a handful of cases of its kind, Daren Mattox, 29, was fined by a court for sending insulting and offensive messages to his ex-girlfriend, Ashleigh Speed, over Facebook.

During the court hearing at Wrexham Magistrates Court, Mattox admitted posting a note that was 'grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character.'

Mattox and Speed broke off their relationship in April 2009, and their baby son was born several months later, in October 2009.

Mattox's offensive online correspondence allegedly stemmed from his efforts to see his son. His lawyer told the court, 'Mattox went to see his son at hospital - that is the one and only time he has seen his son.'

A Crown Prosecution Service spokesperson told the Telegraph that cases of this sort are rare: 'There have probably been only a handful of cases resulting from offensive material either on Facebook or YouTube,' he said.

However, Facebook has made headlines of late for other instances of harassment between exes.

In the past month alone, several other ex-lovers have gained notoriety for taking their disputes to the web.

For example, this past February, the New York Post reported that a New York man took his ex-girlfriend's Facebook profile hostage, then 'changed her sexual preference to gay, and demanded cash for her profile's safe return.'

In another recent instance, a jealous lover was accused of stabbing his former girlfriend 20 times after he saw photos of her on Facebook with another man. The Associated Press also wrote of an Indonesian teen who was convicted for sending an insult on Facebook. The AP explained,

Farah Nur Arafah, 18, was convicted Tuesday by three District Court judges in the town of Bogor, 35 miles south of Jakarta, of defaming her 18-year-old Facebook friend Felly Fandini. Arafah feared Fandini was attempting to sour the relationship with her boyfriend.