Dad Fighting Cancer Made A Music Video Set To 'Eye Of The Tiger,' And It's Perfect

This "Eye of the Tiger" video from a dad with pancreatic cancer will hit you like a punch to the gut -- and make you smile.

Darren Mullery, of Ireland, starred in the clip to inspire others in a tough spot. He also did it "for his daughter to see when she's older how brave her dad is and how he put up a fight to beat this disease," the YouTube description reads.

Mullery, 39, was diagnosed in August 2013. His wife, Danielle, had their first child, Noelle, in December, the Irish Independent reported.

"Noelle is my inspiration and my reason to get out of bed every day,” he told the outlet.

Watching Mullery use his sharp sense of humor and mean right cross in the "Rocky"-styled vid -- which was made by his friends in the Tralee Musical Society -- will have you pulling for him from the get-go.