Darren Wilson Identified As Officer Who Fatally Shot Michael Brown

Darren Wilson Identified As Officer Who Fatally Shot Michael Brown

After almost a week, Police Chief Thomas Jackson has identified Darren Wilson as the officer who fatally shot unarmed black teen Michael Brown on Saturday in Ferguson, Missouri.

Jackson also announced Friday that the department would release video of a "strong-armed robbery" that took place in the area. He outlined events that began at 11 a.m. the day of the shooting and implied Wilson confronted Brown, 18, in connection with the robbery. Wilson encountered Brown at 12:01 p.m., Jackson said. By the time a second officer arrived at 12:04 p.m., Brown was dead.

The report Jackson distributed identifies Brown as the primary suspect in the robbery. It also contains still images from the surveillance camera in the convenience store where the robbery took place.

As the Washington Post's Wesley Lowery pointed out, Jackson did not release any information about the interaction between Brown and Wilson.

Info handed out ONLY about alleged robbery. NO info included about interaction with Officer Wilson, the shooting.

— Wesley Lowery (@WesleyLowery) August 15, 2014

Not handed out: a use of force report, any police report written by Officer Wilson, any narrative of shooting

— Wesley Lowery (@WesleyLowery) August 15, 2014

Jackson confirmed that Wilson is a six-year veteran of the force with no history of disciplinary action. He also said Wilson was treated for injuries after the incident.

The nation has erupted in outrage and taken to the streets in largely peaceful protests since the fatal confrontation. For days, images coming out of the St. Louis suburb presented a harrowing picture of unrest as police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters and placed demonstrators and journalists under arrest.

The climate in Ferguson has changed drastically since Thursday, when President Barack Obama condemned authorities' use of excessive force and Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon (D) called in the state's highway patrol to take over supervision of the suburb.

“I’m pleased that the people of Ferguson and the region began to get some long-overdue information today, and I will continue to call for openness and transparency as the parallel investigations into this tragedy proceed to their necessary conclusions," Nixon said in a statement Friday, shortly after Jackson's press conference.

"For the sake of the family, the citizens of Ferguson, and the entire region, it is vital that the investigations into the shooting death of Michael Brown move forward in a thorough, open and transparent manner to ensure that trust is restored and justice is done," he added.

Police said Brown was shot multiple times Saturday after being confronted by a white officer. Authorities initially offered vague details about the confrontation but said the officer involved had been placed on administrative leave. The FBI opened an investigation into Brown's death on Monday.

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