Darryl MaGee: Bears Ball Boy Faster Than Lions Kickoff Team? (WATCH)

Chicago Bears kick returner Johnny Knox made ESPN's "SportsCenter" Sunday for his spectacular 102-yard kickoff return touchdown, but a team ball boy who nearly kept up with the speedy receiver may deserve a Best Play nomination of his own.

As Knox left the Lions kickoff team in the dust, Bears ball boy Darryl MaGee, 24, went tearing along the Bears sideline, outpacing all the Detroit defenders chasing Knox while holding a few footballs.

Both ESPN and Fox announcers spotted the fleet-footed ball boy in highlight reels, which the Sun-Times' Sports Pros(e) blog then compiled here.

MaGee is a University of Illinois junior who recently returned to school after some time off, according to the Tribune. He's been a Bears ball boy for eight seasons.

"I actually don't think I was running that fast," MaGee told the Tribune. "I was just trying to hold on to all three of the footballs and not trip and fall. That was my focus."