Fort Bliss Soldier Dartarious Graham Allegedly Uses Belt To Kill 2-Year-Old Daughter

An Army specialist fatally beat his 2-year-old daughter with a belt on Saturday after becoming upset that she'd soiled her diaper, according to police in Texas.

The investigation led police to also arrest the girl's mother and the soldier's cousin.

El Paso police charged Fort Bliss soldier Dartarious Graham, 20, with capital murder for Peyton Graham's death, the Associated Press reports. He allegedly started hitting her with the belt in her bedroom when he discovered her dirty diaper.

Robert Franklin, the soldier's cousin, and Elizabeth Graham, the girl's mother, were charged with "injury to a child by omission," according to WTVB.

Franklin walked away after seeing Graham start striking the girl, according to KVIA.

Paramedics were called around 4:50 p.m. after the girl went limp, according to Fox 14. Police were called because the injuries looked suspicious.

The girl died later at the hospital.

Elizabeth Graham wasn't home during the fatal attack, but police charged her because she allegedly did not intervene other times that girl was beaten.

Older wounds on the girl's body were evidence of previous beatings, police said.

All three are being held in the El Paso County jail.