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'Darth Vader And Son' Illustrations of Luke As A 4-Year-Old By Jeffrey Brown (PHOTOS)

"Star Wars" was the first movie Jeffrey Brown saw in the theater as a kid. The illustrator and father of one has been a dedicated fan ever since, collecting paraphernalia and trying his best to pass down an appreciation of the force to his 5-year-old son, Oscar.

Though Oscar has yet to see the any of the films, he has all of the LEGO figurines, several "Star Wars" t-shirts and knows the characters well -- "R2D2 is his favorite," Brown says.

All of this meant that, in 2010, when Google wanted someone to draw an awkward family dinner with Luke and Darth Vader for a Google Doodle, Brown was a natural fit. And, when they approached him for the project, the artist got inspired; he decided to do a whole book of "Darth Vader and Son" drawings.

"With my son being 4, I thought it would be really fun to do something along the lines of Luke being a 4-year-old and Darth Vader going through the same things I was going through as a parent," Brown told The Huffington Post.

The book chronicles everyday parenting quandaries -- little Luke won’t pick up his toys, daddy Darth Vader tries to make a kid-friendly breakfast, even the uncomfortable "where do babies come from?" scenario makes an appearance.

As for Oscar, he'll be allowed to see "Star Wars" when he's 6 or 7, Brown says. For now, he's stuck with "Planet Earth" and "The Muppets."

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