Behind Closed Doors, Darth Vader Is Just Like Us

Even the Dark Side needs Merlot.

Darth Vader may be the galaxy's most notorious villain, but that doesn't mean he knows how to iron a button-down.

Turns out the Sith Lord shares many of our household struggles, as evidenced by this incredible photo series from Polish photographer Paweł Kadysz. Vader can't remember his groceries. He wavers when choosing craft beers. And he "forces" himself to complete all kinds of mundane household chores.

"We never think of movie villains as real people," Kadysz told HuffPost. "And yet, that’s usually what they are." A little too real, in the case of Vader:

He forgets to buy the quinoa from his grocery list.
He rocks out doing household chores.
He wonders if beer is gluten-free... or not?
He brushes, flosses AND rinses with mouthwash.
He is easily overwhelmed on laundry day...
...and still can't figure out how to cook like an adult.
"Screw it, I'm taking a bath with Merlot instead."

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