Darth Vader Salsa Trombone Routine Bores Senior Citizens (VIDEO)

WATCH: Darth Vader Salsa Trombone Routine, Anyone?

"This video is more or less why the Internet was invented."

What sort of groundbreaking footage would prompt a YouTube commenter to make such an enthusiastic statement? If you guessed Darth Vader playing trombone and salsa dancing for a group of unimpressed audience of senior citizens, you know a viral video when you see one.

The man behind the mask is the multi-talented (clearly) Jonathan Arons. Before he hit the primetime at the Andrew Jackson Senior Center in Bronx, NY, Arons -- also known as "The Trombone Dancer" -- appeared on "America’s Got Talent," "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" and "The Today Show."

You can check out more of Aron's work by visiting his website, here.


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