Darth Vader Tased and Pepper Sprayed By Florida Highway Patrol

Florida Highway Patrol reports that early Thursday morning at 2:45 a.m., a construction worker informed a trooper that there was a drunk Darth Vader walking in the road in Orlando. It was Michael Cole, a 28-year-old who donned a Star Wars mask and appeared intoxicated.

According to the arrest affidavit, the trooper asked Cole to move off the road. Cole did not comply and instead, hurled profanities at the trooper. After the suspect suddenly lied down in the roadway, the arresting trooper writes that he told Cole to get up and that's when the suspect attempted to punch and kick him.

In response, the trooper tased Cole, but the Taser had no effect through the suspect's thick winter coat, and Cole continued to come after the trooper. On the affidavit, the trooper writes that the suspect lied down again and he was able to handcuff the suspect.

Despite the handcuffs, Cole continued to kick the trooper, who warned him to calm down or else he would use pepper spray. When Cole continued kicking, the trooper used his pepper spray and Cole finally surrendered to the arrest.

The trooper called Fire Rescue to check Cole who complained of shortness of breath. Cole was transported to Florida Hospital South for medical evaluation. Once cleared, he was transported to the Orange County Jail. Cole is charged with felony resisting arrest and felony battery on a police officer.

NBCMiami reports that "FHP spokeswoman Sgt. Kim Montes said no cape or lightsaber were found at the scene, but did say that Cole's mom came and picked up his Vader mask."

According to the Orlando Sentential, Cole's mother Doreen Williams said her son's errant behavior was not caused by alcohol but by a manic episode. Cole is undergoing psychological observation.

Cole was previously charged with DUI and other incidents of battery on a law enforcement officer, according to his inmate history report.

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