Darth Vader Is Running For President Of Ukraine

Ukraine will hold presidential elections on May 25, and among the field of candidates hoping to lead the country out of turmoil, there is Darth Vader.

The Ukrainian Internet Party (UIP) announced over the weekend that it would be fielding the Dark Lord of the Sith as a candidate, and according to a report by news agency Interfax they have paid the hefty registration fee estimated at around $225,000.

It's an expensive undertaking for something that might seem like an elaborate waste of time, but it's worth noting the UIP is an actual registered political party and Europe does have a history of voting for geeky internet-activism based parties on occasion. One also can't accuse the fringe group of not fully committing, as they've recently been holding political press conferences decked out in full Star Wars regalia.

The addition of Vader to the ballot, along with the candidacy of "The Willy Wonka of Eastern Europe," is making Ukraine's incredibly important upcoming elections sound more and more like a vote for a third grade class president. In the case of 'Willy Wonka' however, the man behind the nickname is a billionaire industrialist with a good shot at the presidency, whoever's behind the Darth Vader mask probably not so much.



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