Darth Vader Running For Ukrainian Parliament Under Aegis Of Internet Party

Darth Vader Running For Ukrainian Parliament

The Ukrainian Internet Party is backing a dark horse candidate for parliament in the October elections. It's a guy dressed like Darth Vader.

In a series of campaign ads, the Sith lord strums the Imperial March on a traditional Ukrianian instrument, sticks his light saber in the dirt, and makes vaguely nationalistic statements in a breathy baritone.

It would seem that the recent public relations blitz is intended as a panacea for Darth Vader's past transgressions. Let the voters not forget that this candidate is nothing more than a sociopathic minion of an evil empire -- and that he hunted and nearly killed his own children.

On the other hand, maybe this a solution to that whole Crimea thing, provided the Super Star Destroyers are available.

Ukraine's Parliamentary elections are on Oct. 26. According to Mashable, this isn't Darth Vader's first run, and that he's not the only candidate backed by the Ukranian Internet Party to run under a Star Wars themed name:

In a galaxy far, far, away - Odessa, the third-largest city in Ukraine - several Star Wars characters have managed to register as official candidates in the upcoming election. With names like Darth V. Vader, Stepan Chubakka (Chewbacca), Master V. Yoda, and Padme N. Amidala listed on the candidate roster, voters can't be blamed for looking twice at the ballot.

Radio Free Europe reports that the Ukrainian Internet Party's Darth Vader is one of 16 candidates running under some permutation of the character's name.

If we had to pick, we'd vote for Chewbacca.

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