Daryl Johnston: Emmitt Smith's Rushing Record Might Be Untouchable

Darryl "Moose" Johnston isn't worried about his former teammate Emmitt Smith's all-time rushing record being broken anytime soon.

When Johnston talked with HuffPost Live's Marc Lamont Hill on Tuesday about his partnership with TGI Friday's as the restaurant's Father's Day "rib ambassador," the two-time Pro Bowler and three-time Dallas Cowboys champion said it would be nearly impossible for Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Peterson to beat Smith's record. Johnston said:

It has become a passing league. When we do run the football, a lot of times we're doing it with platooning backs, whether it is two or three. Adrian is still one of those guys where you want him on the field with the football in his hand as much as possible -- he's still going to be your one. There's a handful of them out there that are still your true "bell cow" feature backs that are going to get the ball anywhere from 28 to 33 to 35 times during the course of the game. But you also have to be in the right system. Adrian Peterson I think right now is in a position to start to make a push, and he is going to have to do this for a long, long time to get to Emmitt's number.

Further complicating Peterson's chances to break Smith's record, Johnston said, is Minnesota's young quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, who doesn't hand off the ball often. Asked what NFL record is most untouchable, Moose replied, "I think it's the one we're talking about."

Johnston played all 11 of his seasons in Dallas, nine of them alongside Emmitt Smith, and he was considered one of the best fullbacks of his day.

Watch the full HuffPost Live conversation with Daryl Johnston here.

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