Rory The Dashboard Cat Will Melt Away The Stress Of Your Morning Commute

This little kitty just loves her unusual seating arrangement.

Forget hula girls and plastic Jesus figures... this car has something way cooler on the dashboard: The world's calmest kitty.

Call me the dashboard cat -Rory 😸 #myfirstpost #catchthevibe #dashboardconfessions #bestmeow

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The stresses of the daily commute might be too much for some people, but little Rory is the picture of calm. 

This wasn't a one-time thing, either. Rory's Instagram and Facebook feeds are full of pictures of the "dashboard cat" hard at rest in her owner's car.

Traffic means sleepy time for me 😼💤 #cat #catstagram #adoptdontshop #catproblems

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And if you think having a backseat driver is distracting, try rolling with this in your face: 

Rory's Facebook page says she was rescued in July 2015 and suffers from feline leukemia virus. Rory's social media presence is also being used to help raise awareness for shelter animals



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