Loving Daughter Starts #DateDiane Campaign So Her Mom Won't Be Lonely

Do you want to #DateDiane?

One mom is about to get a lot more friends, thanks to a thoughtful daughter and the nice people of the Interwebs.

Diane Hoit, who lives in Albany, New York, felt pretty lonely after her husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease about 10 years ago and went to live in a nursing home, her daughter, Kate, told The Huffington Post.

In an effort to find her mother some friends to share memories with, Kate started a campaign on Twitter last week using the hashtag #DateDiane, sharing silly tidbits on why people should "date" her mom.  

 She kicked off the campaign with a funny tweet:

"Meet Diane (on the right). Looking for: Must be 60-70 yr old. Funny. And flexible? (Don't ask) #DateDiane," the tweet read. 

Since the campaign began, offers to hangout with Diane have been coming in from countries as far as Australia and Thailand, ABC News reported. It's also generated attention across several media outlets. Kate told HuffPost with the success of the campaign, she wants her mother to see how special she really is. 

"It's my hope that she realizes through this campaign that I think she's an amazing woman who deserves to feel fabulous for at least one night!" she said.

Kate, who lives in Washington, D.C., said her father's diagnosis was tough on her mother. 

"There were a few rough years right after my dad's diagnosis -- sadness, anger and frustration," she said. 

On a recent trip to visit Diane, Kate realized how lonely her mother had been and that "something had to change." So she took to Twitter and began posting about how great her mother is.

"Why you should ? Because she refuses to use an umbrella," one tweet reads. "'They're awkward!' (She says walking through the rain)."

Another tweet says, "Why you should ? She loves fall!

Though she said her mom initially probably wished she could ground her because of the tweets, it's turned into a fun experience for both of them. The pair have received a lot of support with not only offers to "date" Diane, but also people reaching out about their own experience with Alzheimer's. 

"We've received several emails from family members in similar situations -- a lot of them sharing their personal experiences with Alzheimer's and suggestions for my mom," Kate said. "It's comforting to know people out there are willing to offer their support. It's been a heartwarming experience."

The devoted daughter says she's working on setting up a few dates for her mom and Diane hopes that she can eventually find a buddy with whom she can go to hockey game, go dancing or watch a football game. 


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