Dating 101: Turn Offs and To-Do Lists

Online dating can be entertaining but frustrating. Where else aside from a college frat party filled with slobbering drunks by the keg line do you have access to so many potential dates or even hookups?

What turns you on or turns you off when you're sorting through guys or girls on Tinder or Hinge or even in a bar? I know shirtless selfies in the bathroom mirror, cat photos or group shots are a total turn off. What is a go? Witty messages that seem like a conversation opener if you were to meet at Trader Joe's or the gym?

So, what happens when you've gotten to that first date? What are the deal breakers? Are there any tips to get to date two?

The folks at recently conducted a survey of 150 singles, 21-35, on behalf of Swedish Match at a "What Women (and Men) Want" event in Brooklyn, New York.

What were the deal breakers? Bad Teeth (43 percent), Smoker's Breath (33 percent), Boozy Breath and Drunken Eyes. Smoking, in fact, is a major deal crusher. Seventy percent said they'd never marry a smoker and over eighty-percent said they wouldn't walk down the aisle with a Marlboro Man (or woman) for $100K.

Additional turn-offs? No Sense of Humor (37 percent) and Bad in Bed (10 percent).

What are the do's and don'ts on a first meet? Nancy Stotnick of Matchmaker Café, says definitely kiss on the first date but no more! (I suppose unless you're meeting a smoker with boozy breath!) Men should open their wallet for a first date. Keep conversation light. No dissing the ex or unleashing your years of therapy. And don't get rip roaring drunk.

What are your deal breakers?