Dating App Coffee Meets Bagel Reveals Data Breach On Valentine's Day

Finding love is hard, but keeping your online dating account information secure seems harder.

Online dating is already a minefield, but the dating app Coffee Meets Bagel has added a new dimension, telling customers their data may have been stolen.

The company told past and present users in an email on Thursday ― also known as Valentine’s Day ― that their personal data may have been “acquired by an unauthorized party.”

Coffee Meets Bagel said it discovered Feb. 11 that a breach exposed user data and quickly took “steps to determine the nature and scope of the problem.” The email told users the “affected information only includes your name and email address prior to May 2018.” It said the app doesn’t store financial information, so that information isn’t at risk.

Coffee Meets Bagel said it hired forensic security experts to review its systems. 

“We continue to monitor for suspicious activity and we are coordinating with law enforcement authorities regarding this incident. We continue to make enhancements to our systems to detect and prevent unauthorized access to user information,” the email said.

The company implored users to “take extra caution against any unsolicited communications that ask you for personal data or refer you to a web page asking for personal data” and to avoid clicking on anything in a suspicious email.

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