'Dating Freedom Lovers,' InfoWars's Relationship Site, Will Tickle Your Libertarian Fancy

InfoWars's Dating Site Is Predictably, Hilariously Crazy

If you're looking for a mate with "Celtic ancestry" and a healthy skepticism about the official narrative of 9/11, this is the dating site for you!

"Dating Freedom Lovers," which has almost 6,000 members and groups from Montana to New York, is a dating service launched by conspiracy-theory website InfoWars.

The site advertises itself with the slogan "Find and meet people that share a passion for liberty and freedom and are ready to start a relationship."

Sounds simple enough. But if you take a peek inside, you'll find more than just people who enjoy "freedom."

What you'll find are men and women (mostly men, though) boasting about their fringe beliefs. Users write on their profiles about when they awoke to the New World Order (a global totalitarian government conspiracy theory), claim that vaccines are a form of population-control, and describe where they live by FEMA region rather than listing the city name.

InfoWars, of course, is notorious for calling some of the United States' worst mass shootings and terror attacks government-led "false-flag" operations. Alex Jones, who runs InfoWars, even suggested that 9/11 was an inside job, saying that the Twin Towers fell because of a "controlled demolition."

Who knows, if the government keeps making people into homosexuals by putting chemicals in juice boxes (something Alex Jones actually claimed), InfoWars might want to think about creating a gay dating site, too.

(Hat tip, BetaBeat)

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