Four Tips to Improve Your Dating Life

From your personal life to your professional life, it's important to be unforgettable. While it's common to focus on verbal communication, an even more powerful and effective tool is to understand what you're communicating through your body language. While doing a little introspection and research I learned that non-verbal communication is the foundation of any successful relationship. Utilizing the power of fragrance, touch and body language can make all the difference when landing your dream job, speaking in front of a crowd, or securing a second date.

I recently spoke with Tonya Remain, an expert in nonverbal communication, who has provided expert body language analysis in everything from the boardroom to courtroom. Tonya is now also helping women to leave a lasting impression in their personal and dating lives (lucky us!).

Tonya recently teamed up with Caress Body Wash to shed some light on the subject of dating**. Here's the truth about dating in today's world, according to a recent Caress survey:

  • Online dating isn't just accepted -- it's widely embraced. Two in five Americans use dating sites and apps. (Most using two or more sites.)

  • Online interactions aren't enough to seal the deal -- more than half of men say in-person non-verbal cues are what make a woman unforgettable.
  • Chemical romance is real -- Nearly 6 in 10 men find their significant other desirable because of their soft touch or irresistible scent.
  • Second-date deal breakers include a lack of physical chemistry (59 percent), non-verbal signals that show lack of interest (42 percent), or an undesirable scent or fragrance (35 percent).
  • So, how do you incorporate non-verbal communication to benefit your dating and everyday lives?

    Here are Tonya's top four tips:

    • Combining touch with scent leaves a lasting impression. According to the survey above, nearly half of men are more likely to remember a woman's scent or touch than her name. Why? A touch forms bonds, commitment and intimacy, while scent triggers feelings and memories. Find a way to incorporate a natural touch; that instant connection is electric and makes an indelible memory.

  • Beam with confidence. Show you're comfortable in your own skin -- stand tall, make sure hands are turned down (hands turned up are a submissive sign), make eye contact and dress in something that makes you feel good. You will radiate and be irresistible.
  • Play it coy. When you really want to reel your date in, don't give it all away. Maintain an air of mystery by slightly embellishing the busyness of your life and leaving some questions unanswered. It will leave your date wanting to know more.
  • Talk without words. The average person takes in more signs than they realize, so if you're looking to show someone you're interested, lean in while you're talking, point your feet toward the other person and nod while they speak to let them know you're listening. Even the way tilt of your head speaks volumes -- a tilt to the right signals you're trustworthy (perfect for a job interview), while the left makes you more attractive (try it on a date). Want to take it one step further? A soft touch to your heart and exposure of your neck are sure to send a message of sensuality.
  • Whether you're in a committed relationship or in the dating world, these four tips can help you create a deeper level of connection. Personally, I feel as if I have mastered the scent and touch tip, so I plan to increase my confidence levels. I will be attending several events this week and will be practicing increased eye contact, turned down hands, and standing tall! How do you plan to incorporate these tips into your personal life? Share in the comments below!

    **About the Caress® Survey: The Survey was conducted by Kelton Global online between June 24th and July 2nd, 2015 among 1,031 nationally representative Americans ages 18 and over*, using True Sample. This survey has a lot of great information in it, like What do men think of chemical romances? What is most attractive to women? What is a woman's secret weapon? Read the top results HERE.