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Dating on Tinder? These Jobs Get the Most Right Swipes

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Are you one of the 50 million people who have used Tinder? Do you think it's too superficial with people swiping left and right to the tune of 16,000 swipes per second, or do you take a digital pause to check out the profession of a potential date?

Source: Tinder blog

Tinder has tabulated a list of the 15 most popular jobs for both men and women to attract a date, swipe, or whatever you might be in the mood for. It turns out, your career does matter.

According to the Tinder blog, if you're a male Pilot, Founder/Entrepreneur, or Firefighter, you're in the top 3 careers that women are swiping right to. We get it. A Pilot can be sexy, but he won't be around much to date IRL.

A Founder/Entrepreneur might be creative with a big bank balance, or at least have some stock options, so he's got long-term potential, according to the female swipes. A Firefighter or Doctor will save lives and can become your own personal hero. In short, women love a man in a uniform.

As for the women, being a Physical Therapist tops the list as men are imagining her personal touch, somewhere, somehow, or anywhere. An Interior Designer ranked at number 2, with men swiping right on an intimate profession which could include decorating a bedroom with candles and more. As far as number 3 is concerned, it's enlightening to know that a man is interested in dating a Founder/Entrepreneur, which proves that they're interested in both beauty and brains.


Other top professions on both sides include being a Teacher, College Student, Model, and Personal Trainer.

Women who are in these professions also made the list: PR/Communications, Speech Language Pathologist, Pharmacist, Social Media Manager, Dental Hygienist, Nurse, Flight Attendant, and Real Estate Agent.

Men who are in these professions also made the list: TV/Radio Personality, Engineer, Paramedic, Lawyer, Financial Advisor, Police Office, and Military.

Here's the full list.


  • Physical Therapist

  • nterior Designer

  • Founder/Entrepreneur

  • PR/Communications

  • Teacher

  • College Student

  • Speech Language Pathologist

  • Pharmacist

  • Social Media Manager

  • Model

  • Dental Hygienist

  • Nurse

  • Flight Attendant

  • Personal Trainer

  • Real Estate Agent
  • MEN

  • Pilot

  • Founder/Entrepreneur

  • Firefighter

  • Doctor

  • TV/ Radio Personality

  • Teacher

  • Engineer

  • Model

  • Paramedic

  • College Student

  • Lawyer

  • Personal Trainer

  • Financial Advisor

  • Police Officer

  • Military
  • Is your profession on this list?

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