Dating Over 50: Why Older Men Date Younger Women (VIDEO)

As you know either from your personal experience or from chatting with single friends, dating over 50 can be complicated. One possible reason is a smaller dating pool that some feel gets even smaller when older men date younger women.

This was the topic on HuffPost Live recently, as a panel of post 50s talked about dating over 50 with host Nancy Redd. Richard Reiner of Los Angeles, California said he's dated women his age as well as women 20 to 25 years younger and found he just didn't click with women his age.

"The women that I've met closer to my age seem to be less dreamy... more jaded is the word I would use, because they've had so many bad experiences with men," Reiner said. "It's not how I feel. I still have the dream."

Reiner explains why he prefers to date younger women in the video above. What's your preference? Let us know in the poll or the comments section.



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