These Comics Will Ring True If You've Ever Dated Someone Younger

Sound familiar? 😂

Age ain’t nothin’ but a number ― until you start dating someone younger and then suddenly everyone has an opinion.

Artist Cassandra Calin, a 22-year-old who is currently in a relationship with a younger guy, captures the highs and lows of this dynamic in a new comic series for College Humor.

“This is the first series I’ve done where I introduce my boyfriend and our relationship,” Calin, who is based in Montreal, told HuffPost.

The artist says her boyfriend enjoys teasing her about the age difference. (We’ve asked what the age difference is but haven’t heard back yet.)

“He enjoys reminding me that when I turn 30, he’ll still be in his 20s,” she told HuffPost. “And sometimes he calls me ‘granny Cassandra’, especially when my joints crack out of the blue.”

Check out the rest of the relatable moments below. To see more of Calin’s work, visit her website, Tumblr, Facebook or Instagram.

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