TIME Asked Men Why They Would Date A Woman Over 30. So, We Did Too.

TIME recently did an investigative deep dive* into the perplexing question of why anyone would deign to date a haggard old woman over the age of 30.

Eager to know more about this crazy phenomenon, we also asked men** why they would be open to romancing a lady who was alive before "Back To The Future" came out. Here's what they had to say:

"30-somethings -- so hot right now." -Rich, 31, just complimented himself

confused man one
"Is this a trick question?" -Jeremy, 35, great on Tinder

old man confused
"Could you repeat that? I couldn't hear you." -Merv, 83, doesn't look like this anymore

"I've got bigger things to worry about." -Jerry, 29, has his head on backwards

"I wouldn't." -Tom, 34, gay

confused man
"... ... ..." -Pete, 27, speaks with his eyes

asian hipster
"Is everyone else doing it?" -John, 38, hipster

bill confused
"Did you seriously interrupt my run for this sh*t?" -Bill, 54, pissed off and stretching

confused dude
"Why did you even ask me this question?" -Kevin, 30, normal dude

*It was not investigative, nor a deep dive.
**Not real names... or real men