Why 21-Year-Old Blames Her Mom For Weight Struggles (VIDEO)

“My mother is always mean to me and constantly making comments about my weight,” says 21-year-old Dominique, who weighs 229 pounds. “She always tells me I’m gaining weight and shouldn’t be doing that. She’s always picking on me.”

Dominique’s mother, Joann, says she’s always on her daughter’s back because she feels like Dominique needs a push to lose weight. “I’ll go up and check her room, and I’ll find a soda can, candy wrappers. She sneaks food so I won’t see her,” Joann says. “I’m afraid she’s going to spin out of control.”

One year ago, Dominique and Joann got into an argument that Dominique says forever damaged their relationship. “My mother called me a fat-ass because of the way I was wearing my clothes — they were too tight,” Dominique recalls. “I never thought my mother would ever say something like that to me, and she did. I will never be able to forgive her.”

In the video above, Dr. Phil helps Joann understand how her parenting decisions have contributed to Dominique’s tendency to overeat, and how both mother and daughter can change their behavior. Watch more from this show, and learn about Dr. Phil’s new book, The 20/20 Diet: Turn Your Weight Loss Vision Into Reality.

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