'I Feel Like My Mom Is Just Partying Her Own Way To Her Funeral'

Courtney, 22, calls her mom, Michelle, selfish and irresponsible, and claims she puts alcohol and men before her own children.

“My mom is a party mom,” Courtney says, adding that she’s tired of her mom’s behavior.

“She used to be my best friend, and now she just comes and goes when she pleases,” she adds, claiming that her mom has basically abandoned her and her two siblings.

Courtney says her loving mother became a different person after her parents divorced six years ago. “My mom turned to drinking, going out and making really irresponsible decisions,” she says.

One of those decisions is drinking and driving. Not only has Michelle been convicted of two DUIs, but she was also in a horrific car accident last year that almost killed her. According to news reports, Michelle led police on a high-speed chase after a night out on the town. Reportedly, she was trying to avoid a DUI checkpoint when she sped through a stoplight, collided with a temporary railing at a construction site, launched over a bulldozer and slammed into a block wall, landing upside down in her car.

“My mom broke her arms, ribs, shattered her pelvis, displaced her vertebrae, punctured organs,” Courtney says.

Michelle spent five months in the hospital -- with Courtney by her side -- and according to Courtney, doctors and nurses couldn’t believe her mom survived the accident.

“After the accident, my mom promised that she would never drink again, but the day after my mom was out of the hospital, she was right back out on the town again,” Courtney says. “I feel like my mom is just partying her own way to her funeral.”

Courtney says that, tired of dealing with her mom’s behavior, she gave her an ultimatum: “You go to Dr. Phil and get his help, or I can’t have a relationship with you.”

In the video above, Courtney tells Dr. Phil what she believes may have triggered her mother’s behavior, and she explains the toll she says her mother’s behavior and accident has taken on her.

On Friday’s episode, hear why Michelle says her daughter is wrong and that her children abandoned her. Check here to see where you can watch.



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