Daughter Tearfully Confronts Mother For Pulling A Gun On Her

"I have nightmares about that, that you pulled the trigger on me, that I'm dead."

In Conyers, Georgia, a family is in a desperate -- and dangerous -- situation. Twenty-one-year-old Bria lives in fear of her mother's threats and physical violence. Bria says that her mom, 43-year-old Trevina, constantly curses her with hateful insults and has even beaten her during their confrontations. Bria has fought back, however, which has driven her enraged mother to call the town marshals to evict Bria from the home. When Bria has tried to return, she says her mother has threatened her with a gun.

Trevina's relationship with her own mother, Bria's grandmother Margeree, is just as explosive. Margeree appears to have planted the seeds for this violent behavior, and now it's become a continual cycle of violence by women toward women, spanning three generations.

Enough is enough, Bria decides, and she reaches out to life coach Iyanla Vanzant to step in and provide much-needed counsel to help mend the destruction they've created. When the three generations of women sit down together, Iyanla encourages Bria to share her honest, vulnerable feelings directly with Trevina.

"I see Grandma in you, all over again," Bria says to her mother. "I say that because years ago, when you and Grandma got into it, Grandma pulled a knife out on you. And it's getting worse, because you've pulled a gun out on me."

Even thinking back to that frightening incident elicits an emotional reaction from Bria.

"I was scared for my life," she tells her Trevina, breaking down. "I have nightmares about that, that you pulled the trigger on me, that I'm dead."

What's more, Bria is also terrified of not just continuing, but escalating this cycle of violence in the future, with her own children.

"I don't want to have kids and in time... I do something even worse," she says.

At this point, Iyanla turns to Trevina. "Miss Trevina, help me understand: What would be so horrible that you would have to pull a gun out on your daughter?" she asks.

Trevina is quiet, so Iyanla answers for her.

"If someone asks you, from this day forward, what you have to say is: 'Nothing.'"

Iyanla's work with this family airs on "Iyanla: Fix My Life," on Saturday, Oct. 31, at 9 p.m. ET on OWN.

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