Why Author Jill Di Donato Wishes Her Gay Dad Had Come Out Sooner

Author Jill Di Donato found out that her father was gay when she was 22 -- and now, in retrospect, wishes he'd come to terms with his sexuality earlier.

"Finding out at that point left me a little bit angry at my parents for sort of hiding this and deceiving me," she told HuffPost Live in an interview this week. "As a result, I sort of felt like I was continually -- in my relationships with men -- always trying to figure them out."

Noting that she's since worked out many of her issues with both of her parents, she added, "I do think that children ... pick up on things, and we pick up on things being hidden. My dad was really living a double life, and I picked up on it, and I just didn't have a name for it."

"I think that was where my anger was," she said.

You can watch the full segment below:



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