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Daughter Sends Dad Amazing Invoice After Fixing His Computer (PHOTO)

This job is going to cost him.

One computer-savvy daughter took it upon herself to craft the perfect billing statement for her father after she completed a technical job for him. A post on Reddit this week reveals how the "awesome" daughter sent her dad an invoice for replacing his laptop hard drive.

The price of her hard work? A trip to a local pizza parlor, where dear ol' dad would pick up the bill.

It's no secret that some parents can be technologically inept when it comes to simple computer questions or texting -- just look at how this mom uses Google -- however, replacing a laptop hard drive may be a bit outside the purview of most who can handle common computer problems.

Fortunately for him, this dad has a daughter who works in tech support by day and is willing to help out. But not without some remuneration.

Personally, we think she could have charged more for her services.

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