Daughter With Down Syndrome Inspires Mom to Create Fashion Accessory Business

This is the ultimate story of a mothers love for her child. Boynton Beach, FL mom, Laurie Ruehlman wanted to spend more quality time with her daughter, Payton, who has Down Syndrome. They decided to buy some paint and silk scarves and see how the creations turned out. Although Laurie never doubted Payton's talents, she couldn't believe how beautiful her daughter's scarf turned out to be. It wasn't long after, Laurie turned her favorite mother - daughter past time into a thriving business; Caring Couture.

Laurie saw how much Payton loved painting her scarves and she decided to employ the talents of other special needs artists like her! Laurie gathers her workers together at the Gold Coat Down Syndrome Organization on a part time basis, recruiting their services whenever her merchandise is running low. Not only do the employees at Caring Couture love what they do, it gives them an opportunity for career development and a sense of belonging!

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