A Shocking New Cult Docuseries Is The Top Show On Hulu Right Now

A supernatural drama and a food docuseries are also trending on streaming services like Netflix, Max, Peacock and AMC+.

“Daughters of the Cult” is currently the most popular show on Hulu, according to the streaming service’s public ranking system.

The new five-part docuseries dives into the shocking history of Ervil LeBaron’s fundamentalist cult. Known as “the Mormon Manson,” the polygamist leader ordered the mass murder of his rivals and used religious doctrine to justify his crimes.

“Daughters of the Cult” features interviews with LeBaron’s daughters, as well as other survivors, relatives of the murderers and law enforcement.

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Another true crime docuseries is the top show on Max right now.

“The Curious Case of Natalia Grace: Natalia Speaks” is the latest installment in an Investigation Discovery series centering around the question of whether a Ukrainian child adopted by American parents was actually an adult pretending to be younger.

“You Are What You Eat: A Twin Experiment” is the third most popular show on Netflix at the moment.

The docuseries is based on a Stanford Medicine experiment looking into the impact of particular foods on the body. Over the course of four episodes, viewers see what happens when identical twins participate in an eight-week program in which one follows a plant-based diet while the other takes an omnivorous approach.

“Dr. Death” is trending on Peacock following the premiere of the second season on Dec. 21.

Édgar Ramírez stars as Swiss-Italian surgeon Paolo Macchiarini, who conducted unethical experiments on his patients, several of whom died. Macchiarini’s story was also the subject of the recent Netflix docuseries “Bad Surgeon.”

The first two episodes of “Sanctuary: A Witch’s Tale” premiered on AMC+ on Jan. 4, with new installments dropping every Thursday.

Set in a fictional English town where witches live openly, the seven-part supernatural drama is based on V.V. James’ 2020 novel “Sanctuary: A Novel of Suspense, Witchcraft, and Small Town Secrets.”

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