Here's What Happens When Daughters Try On Their Mom's Wedding Gown

As a mom, seeing your daughter wearing your wedding dress can bring on a range of emotions -- tears of joy, nostalgia and quite a few laughs too.

That was certainly the case for the three mothers in a BuzzFeed video posted to YouTube on Friday. One of the dresses was dated ("I just feel like like this looks like the nightgown of a queen in the 1700s" one daughter said), one was ill-fitting ("I could just...bust the whole thing open," another said). But the last one, a strapless ball gown, was the best fit of the bunch.

2015-05-11-1431376204-72276-ScreenShot20150511at1.29.47PM.png Courtesy of BuzzFeed

2015-05-11-1431376454-2555516-ScreenShot20150511at1.33.52PM.png Courtesy of BuzzFeed

2015-05-11-1431376287-5431705-ScreenShot20150511at1.31.14PM.png Courtesy of BuzzFeed

"It was very emotional for me just to think that she might try on my dress," the teary-eyed mom said. "It was just nerve-racking to think of this step in her life."

See all of the mother-daughter reactions in the video above.

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