DAV Announces Program to Hire 10,000 Disabled Veterans


When you hear the term disabled veteran, what image comes to mind? Do you think of the double amputee who requires a wheelchair, or perhaps the veteran suffering severely with PTS? What about the soldier who lost some of his/her hearing from being too close to an explosion, or the sailor who hurt their back launching fighter jets off an aircraft carrier? They too have a disability rating as a result of their service, but too often, they are not looked at as having a disability because we may not see it. Disabilities come in all ranges of abilities, and most disabled veterans do not class themselves as disabled at all, nor would you ever think they had a disability by speaking with, or working alongside them.

On November 10, DAV and Veteran Recruiting announced the 10KDAV Hiring Challenge to help at least 10,000 disabled veterans find employment by the end of 2018.

There is no shortage of programs in place to help veterans find meaningful employment after serving the country, but far too little attention is paid to helping the veterans who often need the assistance the most, the disabled veteran, and DAV and Veteran Recruiting hopes to change that in a big way.

Industry leading companies who already have a commitment to hiring veterans are encouraged to step up and join the 10KDAV Hiring Challenge and to encourage their recruiters and hiring managers to take a proactive approach to seeking disabled veterans for their open positions. DAV will host 4 virtual career fairs each year that will connect companies with disabled veterans nationwide.

Besides the tax advantages of hiring veterans with disabilities, companies will benefit from a highly skilled, trained, motivated, and more than qualified talent pool.

Companies who are interested in learning more about the 10KDAV Hiring Challenge can visit the website and join other industry leading companies who recognize hiring disabled veterans is not only the right thing to do, but a sound business decision.

There are CEO's, Senators, and pillars in all communities who happen to have a disability rating as a result of their time in the military. Companies seeking the best and the brightest would be well served recruiting disabled veterans for their open positions.