Dave Bautista Slams Bishop Who Warned Catholics To Avoid Pride Celebrations

"My mom's a lesbian. I think I turned out OK."
Dave Bautista.
Dave Bautista.

Dave Bautista has some words for Rhode Island Bishop Thomas Tobin, who ordered Catholics to stay away from June’s Pride events. 

Tobin had tweeted that the LGBTQ events not only “are contrary to Catholic faith and morals,” but are “especially harmful for children.” 

The “Avengers: Endgame” actor responded to the homophobic tweet, pointing out that his mother is a lesbian and noting the hypocrisy in Tobin’s statement, sealing it all with a middle finger emoji. 

“I think I turrned out OK. And the activities she chooses is to help the homeless and people suffering from mental illness,” the actor and wrestler said. “I admit I’m not perfect but atleast I was never a judgmental hypocrite! Im sure you don’t speak for most Catholics. Have a nice day.”

Bautista has been outspoken about his intolerance for homophobia. In the past, he’s tweeted that he’s a “proud son of a lesbian and anyone who has issue w/that can suck my balls.”

And after boxer Manny Pacquiao declared that gay people are “worse than animals,” Bautista didn’t mince words. 

“My mom happens to be a lesbian so I don’t fucking take that shit,” he said in response.