'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Star Dave Bautista Gives Biden A Ringing Endorsement

The former WWE champ said Trump's a pretend tough guy.

Actor/pro wrestler Dave Bautista, who is best-known for playing Drax the Destroyer in the “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Avengers” films, is endorsing Democratic candidate Joe Biden for president.

Bautista, a frequent Trump critic on Twitter, said there was a key difference between Biden and President Donald Trump: toughness.

“It’s easy to lie to people. It’s easy to bully people,” Bautista said, referring to Trump. “That does not make you a tough guy.”

Biden, he said, will tell people the truth. Bautista also praised Biden’s plan to lead the country out of the coronavirus pandemic.

“A leader is someone who can unite people, who takes responsibility,” Bautista said. “That’s toughness. That is Joe Biden.”

In addition to acting, Bautista was a champ in the WWE, where he performed under the name Batista. He was set to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, but the ceremony was put on hold due to the pandemic. However, over the summer, Bautista gave fans a glimpse of how he would’ve dressed for the occasion had it taken place:

At the time of the tweet, “Dune” was set for a 2020 release. It has since been pushed back to autumn of 2021.

Looks like Bautista will need to find another event for the tux.