Dave Bing: Governor Rick Snyder To Announce Whether Detroit Will Get Emergency Manager Friday

Detroit Mayor Dave Bings listens to a question during an interview with the Associated Press in Detroit, Thursday, June 14, 2
Detroit Mayor Dave Bings listens to a question during an interview with the Associated Press in Detroit, Thursday, June 14, 2012. Bing says the Motor City is in the late portion of its comeback effort, down double digits and he has the ball. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) will make an announcement about the future of Detroit at noon on Friday, according to Mayor Dave Bing.

The decision is widely regarded to be an appointment of a emergency manager for the city, which is coming on the heels of the state's financial review team found a "severe financial problem" in the city last week. The new manager would have the power to abrogate contracts, make new laws, fire elected officials and impose new taxes.

When speaking to reporters at a policy conference on Thursday, Bing hinted at but did not reveal the substance of Snyder's forthcoming announcement.

“I’d like to lie to you and say no,” Bing said after he was asked whether he had communicated with Snyder. “But the Governor and I spoke this morning ... on the phone.”

“I’ve got to let him make the announcement," he said. "I think everybody has a good idea about what the announcement will be. I shouldn’t make the announcement.”

Last week's findings by the state review team showed the city had more than $14 billion in long-term liabilities, including underfunded pensions. Bing said Thursday he was willing to continue working with the state.

“I think we have to learn to make the best out of a bad situation. The only way you do that, I believe, is working together," he said. "The state and the city will have to work together to get us out of this.”

Bing has a 10-day window to request a hearing, after which Snyder could revoke his decision or appoint an emergency manager. Detroit's mayor indicated on Thursday that City Council might challenge the decision, though he said that he had not yet seen their proposal. Council has already instructed the Law Department to research the possibility of suing the state of Michigan over PA 436, the law that allows Snyder to appoint an EM.

“I’ve never been one who thought like that," he said. "I never fought help, I never pushed back. I’m a team player.”

Bing said he didn’t expect Snyder to immediately name an individual to the post.

“Whether it’s an EM or whether it’s my administration, there’s things that we have to do to fix the city. Public safety is number one.”



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