Dave Chapelle's Less-Than-Stellar Detroit Performance Upsets Fans

Comedian Dave Chapelle took the stage at Detroit's Fillmore stadium last Thursday for what should have been a cutting and hilarious performance. Instead, attendees at the show said they got little more than a slurring, chain-smoking Chapelle, TMZ reported.

Audience members lambasted the allegedly inebriated comic on social media (comments via the Detroit Fillmore's Facebook page):


A representative for Chapelle admitted to TMZ that Thursday night's show was "definitely not his best set." In video obtained by the outlet, audience members can be heard yelling for Chapelle to do some of his act.

"It's a little late for that," Chapelle says.

Earlier this month, a man was arrested after throwing a banana peel at the comedian. Maybe the comic just got sick of all the heckling.

Either way, we still love you, Dave.